AE Club Auto Enrolment Training Sessions

Help your clients to set up their workplace pension scheme and meet the auto enrolment (AE) duties in just one interactive training session!.

Your clients will look to you as their accountant or payroll bureau to sort out their AE obligations. But this is not something that can be easily tackled without their engagement.

This is where AE Club can help. The support that your clients need can be provided by a pensions professional in an interactive group workshop. Delivering the technical expertise to a small number of employers in this way means that this essential support can be given at a fraction of the cost of a one-to-one service.

The workshop has been carefully designed to help the employers make the important decisions concerning qualifying earnings, communication and engagement strategies, etc and then to actually sign up to the NEST pension scheme in readiness for their staging date.

Depending upon to the level of involvement you wish to have, the workshops can be tailored to integrate with your procedures and routines, so that you can help the employer with the ongoing compliance issues, based on a good understanding of the requirements.

Auto Enrolment Workshop

The full-day session will cover the following:

  • Explain what the employer must do to comply with the new workplace pension laws
  • Perform an initial assessment of their workers to see who must be automatically enrolled and what pension contributions are likely to be payable
  • Delegates will actually sign up on-line to the NEST pension scheme
  • The Pensions Regulator has to be informed, so we'll tackle that
  • We'll explain what your requirements are and how you will deal with ongoing assessments and contributions, record keeping, etc on their behalf

Each session is limited to a small number of people, so that they get the attention they need in order to create their auto enrolment strategy. A key benefit of the group sessions is the mutual support and sharing of ideas with others on the same journey.

IThe session will be very interactive and provides a great opportunity to put questions to an experienced pensions professional. Nick Boyes of Able Governance initially worked as a teacher before joining the pensions industry over 25 years ago, so is well qualified to explain the new pensions duties in an engaging and accessible manner.

The cost of the session is just £199 per client. No VAT is charged for these events..

AE Club is particularly appropriate for a firm of accountants or payroll service providers that wants to provide supportive, inexpensive, auto enrolment support to their clients. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.